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Our Ambassadors


Dana Winner

Dana Winner is celebrating her 30th anniversary this year. Over the years, she has accumulated an impressive list of successes with more than 3.5 million albums sold worldwide, numerous prizes and awards and more than 30 million views on YouTube for her version of "One Moment In Time".  "My life is indeed dominated by music, but I would still like to commit myself to what is really valuable in life.” Dana is currently on tour in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the icing on the cake being a jubilee concert on November 9 in a now almost sold out Lotto Arena. Last year, she was invited for the first time as a member of the jury of The Voice Senior on VTM, but Dana Winner also has a special link with Africa. She has had several major successes there and still tours regularly in South Africa. "When I see how three young lawyers have set up such an ambitious project, I can only admire it and I am happy to do my part for it.


Nawal Farih

Nawal Farih has been politically committed for several years. After having worked for the cabinet of Minister Jo Vandeurzen, she stood for election this year. This was an immediate success... With no less than 12,344 preferential votes, she was elected as federal representative. In addition to her political career, Nawal has a great heart for charities. In the past she organised a fundraiser for refugees and supported projects for children with a life-threatening disease.  The project "Belgian Lawyers for Africa - It's Legal to Care!" is particularly appealing to her because of the underlying idea of making a structural impact. "As a politician, I try to work towards a better future. When I see projects that have the same goal, I fully support this!


Nabil Mahjoubi

In June, Nabil Mahjoubi became world champion kickbox for the third time in six years. In his career he fought no less than 85 matches, of which more than 30 were at the highest level. Besides kickbox he also became Belgian and European champion in full-contact. "I have been involved in combat sports since childhood. It taught me discipline, perseverance, but above all that you can achieve great things with a certain goal in mind." Today, Nabil tries to teach these values to the youth in his own kickbox-club in Koekelberg. In this gym, young people of all origins, boys and girls, come together to challenge themselves both mentally and physically. It is here that Nabil met the three founders. "Every week I see how motivated Younes, Gilles and Camille are to reach their goals; therefore I want to support this project for 100%!

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